Starting with almost zero experience, I’ve been piecing together my gear to capture these 15 minute experiences for you. Here’s what I’m using so far:

Nikon D500

I already had this camera for my primary DSLR, but had never used it for video. I had a book on my shelf about using this camera, so I dove into it to learn its video features. It has some nice features, like a tiltable back live view screen, and a horizon/level tool to help positioning my angle.

Zoom H1n

With a recommendation from a friend, I purchased my first audio recorder. This little device is smaller than expected, and lighter. I’ve screwed it onto a hot shoe adapter on the top of my camera, so it points in the same direction as the camera and captures the sound from all the matching angles as the video. It takes triple-A batteries and has been quite easy to learn.

I’ve added this Wind Muff (did you know these were called dead cats?)

Final Cut Pro

I’m using Final Cut Pro to sync up the audio track and video clips and tweak the audio. Nothing too fancy yet.

Any tips? Recommendations? Leave a comment below.