Miner’s Cabin

My first videos were truly dreadful. But if I don’t post them, how will I improve and learn?

Here’s the first one I posted to a dedicated channel for this project. It is an old cabin in the middle of a cut on Bonanza Creek road. It is no where near the road, and the snow didn’t allow me to get any closer.

I took the tripod and positioned it on top of the hard snowbank along the edge of the road. My husband was with me on this drive, so rather than sit still and meditate, I ran back into the truck and we sat quietly out of the wind.

Yes the wind. It is loud. Terrible. You see no moment other than trees. You hear nothing but wind. Yet I hear some people find the sound of the wind calming? The sound is most certainly nicer from the Zoom H1n sound recorder I’m using, rather than from the camera. I adjusted the volume so it didn’t peak out and break your ears with the gusts.

I am using a trial for Final Cut Pro, which people tell me is the best software to use for making these videos for YouTube. I’ve made uploading them in 4K my goal, since if you want to take a 15-minute break and sit and relax and immerse yourself in the landscape way up yonder, you’ll likely appreciate 4K quality. Maybe you’ll even watch on your TV rather than your computer.

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