Dawson City – a spring walk through town

I tried a new video format today! I walked around Dawson City on this beautiful Friday afternoon with my iPhone.

I gotta admit…. it is far more interesting than my still camera landscape/scene shots.

Lessons to learn for next time:

  • walking is okay
  • movement needs to always be slow
  • if there is text anywhere, stop so it can be read
  • if there are items close to the camera, like in the sweets shop, go way way slower, and even better, stop
  • don’t be so shy, stop and watch people. Better yet, talk to someone!
  • let a truck go all the way by before cutting
  • don’t make every clip a moving one. It’s too much. Make some still shots where the movement comes from the objects in the scene, not the camera.

Let me know what you’d like to see! Did you like this format? Any suggestions?

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